Brooks Design has evolved. I had a graphic design studio located in Connecticut for thirty plus years. After moving to western North Carolina in 2017, I took a much needed break to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In September, 2018, I took a pastel painting class. I was skeptical. As an undergrad in the late 70’s, I was drawing almost every day.  When I earned my master’s degree in 1991, I focused on paper collage and did very little drawing.  After neglecting my drawing and painting skills for more than thirty years, I was afraid it would be too frustrating to draw again. Wrong.

Like a long lost love, it was quietly waiting for me to get in touch and confess how much I loved and missed having it in my life. After trying pastel painting for a year or so, I switched to acrylics. This medium suits me better. I’m working on local landscapes.

I still use my graphic design skills to help organizations and causes near and dear to my heart.  But now I create art for art’s sake.

Thank you to all my clients over the years. You helped me get to this point in my life and I am most grateful. Please come back often to see my new discoveries in the fascinating world of creating art.

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